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Oxshott Way Estate - Cobham

The residents of Oxshott Way Estate were concerned about the dark evenings on their Estate and were seeking a solution that provided the necessary lighting but with the least amount of disturbance to their roads but a lighting scheme that was also aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the estate’s environment.
After extensive research by the estates committee, they called upon Solar Vision to meet with them to discuss a solution with them and after a couple of meetings they decided that they would look to instruct Solar Vision. The committee then immediately moved forward with a planning application to install the columns and once received Solar Vision moved into action, conducting a GPR survey to ensure that there were on obstructions or services in the proposed locations once this was all cleared, Solar Vision got to work installing the HERITAGE columns and programmed the lights in line with their requirements but also using the sensor to activate the light when programmed not to be on continuously.
The installation of the Heritage Columns were completed over 2 days using the root mount installation method. The installation caused very little inconvenience to the residents and once installed were fully operational, using all the features that the product offers from programming dimming and sensor use. Giving the residents the peace of mind that they could now walk along the road /footpath in the knowledge that they are well lit.

CO₂ Savings
Over 25 years this project will have saved our atmosphere 6.9 tonnes of CO₂.


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