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Weybridge Park Estate - Weybridge

The Estate has some grid connected lighting, however there were areas on the estate that weren’t lit and needed lighting. The residents did not want to dig up the roads to put the required infrastructure in and in addition they wanted a product that would go close to matching their existing columns and were aesthetically pleasing. Various meetings were held to consult with representatives of the Residents Association and after a number of committee meetings the green light was given for them to proceed with Solar Vision.
Solar Visions HERITAGE column was the product that matched their existing columns. Solar Vision conducted a GPR survey to ensure that the locations selected were free of any services or obstructions. The HERITAGE columns were installed using our Krinner screw installation method which gave the residents the flexibility should they so wish to relocate the columns at a later date. This was completed with no digging up of roads or footpaths.
Solar Vision installed 4m HERITAGE columns which have blended into the environment providing the residents with a soft lighting which lights the way for all evening road users, allowing the residents the comfort of knowing that the road is well lit and feeling a lot safer.

CO₂ Savings
Over 25 years this project will have saved our atmosphere 3.45 tonnes of CO₂.


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