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Solar Lighting Column

Designed for residential, leisure clubs, schools, footpaths and more



5 - 10 m

LED Power

20 - 50 w

Battery Capacity

460 wh

Battery Autonomy

> 5 days

Motion Sensor



 > 25 Years


3 Years

Solar Vision astral solar street light with shadow


The flagship of our product range. Our ASTRAL Lighting Column is leading the market in solar street lighting. Operating all over the UK, the ASTRAL has become the UK's answer to a renewable solution for safe streets.

Our ASTRAL Lighting Column is equipped with advanced LED Optics and photovoltaic technology. The vertical design of the SOLAR WRAP® provides for minimal maintenance, reducing the need for cleaning, which maximises yields at all times.

The ASTRAL has the capability for remote access and can be monitored from afar to alter it's settings depending on the client's preference. 

Options available 

  • solar version (100% disconnected from the grid)

  • A hybrid version (combining solar and on-grid system)

These different versions, offer varied solutions for projects and to thereby be in a position to meet the different demands of customers with regard to their infrastructure. 

ASTRAL like the rest of our product range can be installed using different methods such as; planted root (recommended), concrete pad or even a 2m ground screw. The ASTRAL can also be retrofitted to an existing column which is no longer in use, meaning we can turn your outdated street light into a fully self sustaining operational street light. 

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Astral view 1.jpg
Astral view 3.jpg


The ASTRAL product is aesthetically designed with superior technology suitable for Commercial & Residential schemes, as well as parks and open spaces.

The ASTRAL lighting column is hot dip galvanised, with glass fibre root treatment and comes with a painted finish. Our standard 5m columns are jet black (RAL 9006) and 6m columns are white aluminium. Other RAL colours are available as a special order. 

Columns are available as root mounted or flange plated.

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