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Solar Vision solar wrap

State of the art, our SOLAR WRAP® is at the fore-front of renewable technology, providing our products free energy from a natural resource.

The SOLAR WRAP® is a 360 degree cylindrical case ensuring the sun always has a surface to land on, making our lighting products the most reliable solar powered in the UK.   


FREE energy, every day, for >25 years.

Unparalleled Reliability

With their unique aesthetics, these products can enhance all your projects which call for reliable and eco-friendly lighting.

Our Eco Technology products equipped with the unique SOLAR WRAP® technology, the latest generation LED technology and a programmable microprocessor (light management), will meet all your requirements of economical targets, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency.

Solar Vision solar street lights installation
Solar Vision blue pattern wallpaper

Our Products Range 

HYBRID options available

Our range is perfect for new and urban re-generation projects where:

  • Access to the grid is difficult or uneconomical

  • Grid connection needs extensive trenching

  • You are an active contributor to zero carbon targets

  • You require fully programmable lighting

  • Reinstatement of the surface is costly

  • Underground cabling is close to the end of life

  • Right-of-way issues make trenching an issue

Our range is economical and provides attractive solutions. The off grid solar powering system meets the highest demands with respect to durability, functionality, quality and design.

Interested in our product range?

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Solar Vision blue pattern wallpaper


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