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Hire Solar Lighting

Illuminate your community sustainably by hiring solar street lighting solutions, designed to enhance safety, reduce energy costs and promote environmental responsibility. 

Benefits of working with Solar Vision


Enhanced battery capacity


Hire our solar-powered lighting solutions to benefit from prolonged operational time and dependable performance, ensuring consistent lighting even during extended periods of low sunlight.


Contributes to carbon emission targets

By hiring our lighting systems, users can dramatically reduce their generator diesel costs which other temporary lighting solutions rely on, meaning our products will significantly reduce your carbon emissions.


PV Solar Wrap® technology

Hiring Solar Vision's products means you get the enhanced Solar Wrap in place of those large and clumsy (dust collecting) flat panels, making the placement of our product simple to deploy in any confined area.


Fully programmable


Gain adjustable control over brightness levels, scheduling, and motion sensor sensitivity, offering customised lighting options for various applications and settings

When you hire our solar lights, you gain access to dependable, customisable, and durable illumination built to the highest quality of standards. Enjoy the benefits of zero energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint, all with a hassle-free, no-infrastructure-required installation.

You can still explore bespoke options tailored to your specific project needs when using our hire solar street lighting service. Solar Vision's products are easy and simple to install, not requiring a large area to set up which allows it to be erected in confined spaces.

By hiring our solar lights, you will experience their dependability, that they are customisable, and durable in performance firsthand. Our products are meticulously built to the highest quality standards, ensuring that you can assess their efficiency and reliability in real-world conditions. 

Whether you need to illuminate a construction compound or work area, private roads, car parks, cycle routes, footpaths, or public spaces, hiring our lights will give you the comfort that they will provide you with a reliable lighting solution. 

Hire Lighting Applications

Our Gallery

  • Are solar street lights cost effective?
    There are no ongoing electrical costs for these solar products.
  • Do solar lights require maintenance?
    Due to our Solarwrap® our products require very little maintenance, we do offer the first year complimentary within our package, with a maintenance option available after the first year if required.
  • How efficient are solar street lights?
    Solar lighting is extremely efficient in providing light as and when required, and to the right brightness and colour temperature.
  • How long do the battery's last?
    The battery's last for 2000 full charge cycles, which means a period of approximately 7 years.
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