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Recreational Ground
Solar Lighting

Our systems are designed to deliver robust, consistent illumination, ensuring that every jump, turn and sprint is safely lit enabling riders to enjoy their sport after dusk

Benefits of working with  Solar Vision


Enhanced battery capacity

Our solar-powered lighting solutions provide prolonged operational time and dependable performance, ensuring consistent lighting even during extended periods of low sunlight.


Contributes to carbon emission targets

Our lighting systems enable local authorities to cut their electricity costs, allowing them to reconsider policies of switching off street lights. This can contribute significantly to keeping streets safe while also helping them meet their carbon emission targets.


PV Solar Wrap® technology

Solar Vision's products enhance solar energy absorption and efficiency, improving the performance of each lighting unit and boosting overall energy output.


Fully programmable


Solar Vision's lighting solutions provide adjustable control over brightness levels, scheduling, and motion sensor sensitivity, offering customised lighting options for various applications and settings.

At Solar Vision, our solar lights are expertly designed to illuminate recreational grounds (BMX tracks, skate parks, play grounds, etc) ensuring safety and visibility during evening rides. Our dependable and customisable solar lighting solutions are built to the highest quality standards for unmatched durability and reliability, perfect for the demanding environments of BMX tracks. 

These lights not only enhance safety by providing consistent, clear illumination but also significantly reduce electricity costs. With no complex infrastructure required , our solar lighting systems are hassle-free and simple to install, allowing you to focus on the track and not on the lights. 

Explore our range of bespoke lighting solutions tailored specifically for BMX tracks. Solar Vision's products are engineered to integrate seamlessly with any setting. 

Switch to Solar Vision's solar lighting to cut carbon emissions, eliminate electricity bills, and experience the benefits of sustainable, reliable lighting. 

Recreational Ground Applications


The flagship of our product range. Our ASTRAL Lighting Column is leading the market in solar street lighting. Operating all over the UK the ASTRAL has become the UK's answer to a renewable solution for safe streets.

Our ASTRAL Lighting Column is equipped with advanced LED Optics and photovoltaic technology. The vertical design of the SOLAR WRAP® provides for minimal maintenance, reducing the need for cleaning, which maximises yields at all times.

Options available 

  • A solar version (100% disconnected from the grid)

  • A hybrid version (combining solar and on-grid system).


These different versions, offer varied solutions for projects and to thereby be in a position to meet the different demands of customers with regard to their infrastructure. 

Our Gallery

  • Are solar street lights cost effective?
    There are no ongoing electrical costs for these solar products.
  • Do solar lights require maintenance?
    Due to our Solarwrap® our products require very little maintenance, we do offer the first year complimentary within our package, with a maintenance option available after the first year if required.
  • How efficient are solar street lights?
    Solar lighting is extremely efficient in providing light as and when required, and to the right brightness and colour temperature.
  • How long do the battery's last?
    The battery's last for 2000 full charge cycles, which means a period of approximately 7 years.
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