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Highway Night Light

Features & Benefits


Solar Vision zero emissions

Zero CO2 Emissions

Solar lighting is a sustainable and eco-friendly lighting solution with zero CO2-emissions. With our powerful of-grid solar LED lights, we offer a competitive alternative to conventional lighting systems.

Solar Vision no ground cabling

No Ground Cabling

Rights of Access make cable routing complicated and/or uneconomic. Solar lighting is independent of any Rights of Access.

Solar Vision aesthetical


The straight forward forms and the aesthetics of our lights are within keeping of both modern and traditional forms of development. 

Solar Vision economical


No earthworks - Earthworks for cabling and cable ducting are no longer required. Expensive reinstatement of surfaces become unnecessary.

No cabling - Solar light operates completely without external power supply.

No electricity costs - No electricity bills.

Low maintenance - The use of high quality, durable components minimises maintenance costs. The vertical SOLAR WRAP® prevents deposits such as dirt, leaves & snow therefore requiring no regular cleaning program.

Solar Vision reliable in weather

Reliable In All Weather Conditions

True year-round functionality - The vertical orientation of our SOLAR WRAP®  ensures optimal energy yields even during the lower sun positions of winter months.

Solar Vision highly efficient

Highly Efficient 

LED technology - The LED technology, specially developed for our solar light, provides for an individual lighting design, adaptable to the location. Concentration of light by means of specially design optics allows for defined light orientation on the ground, and reduces unnecessary light pollution.

Service life - LED's captivate with their extraordinary long service life of about 50,000 hours (full load) and more than 75,000 hours at partial load. Long service life and high reliability reduce operating costs.

Light pollution - Light pollution is minimised in sensitive locations. The micro controller provides multiple programs by dimming the profile at night or even switching lights off. Then activated by a motion sensor.

Solar Vision less maintenance

Less Maintenance

Photovoltaic SOLAR WRAP® technology - The totally innovative SOLAR WRAP® element of our solar light is an outstanding technical innovation. The vertical orientation of the SOLAR WRAP® results in optimised winter suitability, even during low daylight. 

LED technology - The LED-technology specifically developed for solar light allows an individual lighting design, adapted to the location. Concentration of light by means of a lens system offers a defined orientation of light on the ground. 

Energy storage - A low-maintenance battery, integrated into the column, stores the converted energy from the sun. 

Energy management - An intelligent electronic system monitors the charging condition of the battery. Luminosity is reduced according to demands during longer periods of bad weather. As a result, trouble-free operation is ensured. 

Solar Vision self sufficient

Self Sufficient

The innovative SOLAR WRAP®, optimised for solar lights, directly converts solar energy into electrical energy. In addition, it provides energy even in unfavourable weather. The battery stores the converted energy of the sun. It ensures operating reliability, even during long winter nights. 

Solar Vision enviroment friendly

Environment Friendly

Every installed solar light is an active contribution to the reduction of CO2-emissions. Within a course of 25 years, CO2-emissions of approximately 1.15 tonnes are avoided compared to a modern conventional light. A car park with 50 lights already spares the climate 58 tonnes of CO2. 

Solar Vision wildlife protection

Wildlife Protection

Habitats protection is a key concern with light pollution. Our range of lighting profiles can offer a significant reduction in light pollution - with reduced colour temperature and column heights for parks and other areas of concern.

Solar Vision insect protection

Insect Protection

With our sealed LED units means insects are unable to gain access to our lighting heads. In addition our multi programmable controller enables our lights illumination to be managed. 

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