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Solar Lighting for Car Parks

Illuminate your car park efficiently and sustainably with Solar Vision's innovative solar street lighting solutions, designed to enhance visibility, safety, and convenience for drivers and pedestrians alike while reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Benefits of working with Solar Vision


Enhanced battery capacity


Our solar-powered lighting solutions offer increased battery capacity, ensuring reliable performance and prolonged operation even during periods of low sunlight.


100% off-grid


Solar Vision's lighting systems offer complete independence from traditional power sources, making them ideal for remote areas and locations with unreliable grid access.


PV Solar Wrap® technology

Our products feature innovative PV Solar Wrap® technology, which enhances solar energy absorption and efficiency, maximising the performance of each lighting unit and increasing overall energy output.


Fully programmable


We offer fully programmable features, allowing users to adjust brightness levels, set schedules, and customise motion sensor sensitivity to meet specific lighting requirements for diverse applications and environments.

As a leading provider of solar lighting solutions, Solar Vision combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to sustainability and efficiency. 

With Solar Vision, you're not just investing in lighting; you're investing in a brighter, greener future. Our solar street lights for car parks offers unparalleled reliability and performance, thanks to advanced features like PV Solar Wrap® technology, which maximises energy absorption and efficiency, ensuring consistent illumination. 

But that's not all. Our lighting solutions are designed with flexibility and convivence in mind. Whether you're retrofitting existing infrastructure or starting from scratch, our easy-to-install systems seamlessly integrate into any car park setting, without the need for extensive wiring or disruptive construction.

A standout feature is our remote monitoring and control capabilities. With options for remote management, oversee energy usage, adjust settings, and monitor system performance , ensuring optimal operation and minimising maintenance downtime.


By choosing Solar Vision for your car park lighting needs, you're not only enhancing safety and visibility for drivers and pedestrians but also making a significant impact on your bottom line. Our solar solutions eliminate ongoing electricity expenses, reduce maintenance costs, and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Our Car Park Lighting

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  • Are solar street lights cost effective?
    There are no ongoing electrical costs for these solar products.
  • Do solar lights require maintenance?
    Due to our Solarwrap® our products require very little maintenance, we do offer the first year complimentary within our package, with a maintenance option available after the first year if required.
  • How efficient are solar street lights?
    Solar lighting is extremely efficient in providing light as and when required, and to the right brightness and colour temperature.
  • How long do the battery's last?
    The battery's last for 2000 full charge cycles, which means a period of approximately 7 years.
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