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Solar Lighting for Private Estates

Pioneering solar street lighting to create safer, greener and more connected communities.

Benefits of working with Solar Vision


Prolonged operational time

Our solar-powered lighting solutions offer prolonged operational time and reliable performance, ensuring your estate remains beautifully lit even during extended periods of low sunlight.


Contributes to carbon emission targets

By using our lighting systems, estate owners can significantly reduce their electricity costs, while contributing to environmental sustainability, helping you maintain a green, eco-friendly property.


PV Solar Wrap® technology

Solar Vision's products enhance solar energy absorption and efficiency, improving the performance of each lighting unit and boosting overall energy output.


Fully programmable


Our solar street lighting solutions provide adjustable control over brightness levels, programming and motion sensor sensitivity, allowing you to customise the lighting to suit various areas and needs of your estate.

Enhance your private estate with our premium solar street lighting solutions, providing safe, sustainable and elegant illumination for your roads, footpaths, gardens and other outdoor areas.

Our high-quality, customisable solar lights are designed to eliminate energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint while seamlessly blending with your estate's unique architecture and landscape. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free installation without extensive infrastructure, and benefit from continuous, reliable lighting that enhances the security and beauty of your property.  

With minimal maintenance required, our lights ensure consistent performance in all weather conditions. Forget about switching off lights to save money; our energy-efficient solutions allow for all-night illumination, creating a safer and more inviting environment for residents and guests. 

Discover the transformative impact of our bespoke solar lighting options and elevate the elegance and sustainability of your estate.

Private Estate Lighting Applications

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The HERITAGE Lighting Column is our product designed for period style developments or locations of tradition. The HERITAGE has become a common product particularly in private estates due to its imposing design whilst still maintaining its renewable strength.

This product operates with the latest generation of Solar, Battery and LED Optic technologies to achieve it's competitive status in the street lighting market. 

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Our unique HELIA Solar Bollard, designed to provide a subtle and much needed option to light areas where street light would be over baring. Especially ideal for access roads and footpaths to parks, clubs, country estates, car parks and cycle routes.

With a built-in dusk to dawn monitor together with a motion sensor, we are able to provide a working solution for all seasons and reduce the light pollution during the night to protect habitats in the surrounding area.


The flagship of our product range. Our ASTRAL Lighting Column is leading the market in solar street lighting. Operating all over the UK the ASTRAL has become the UK's answer to a renewable solution for safe streets.

Our ASTRAL Lighting Column is equipped with advanced LED Optics and photovoltaic technology. The vertical design of the SOLAR WRAP® provides for minimal maintenance, reducing the need for cleaning, which maximises yields at all times.

Lunar CCTV.jpg


Our LUNAR CCTV column offers you the ability to quickly and simply install CCTV or replace obsolete ones. This is possible due to our SOLARWRAP®.

  • 4G wireless network transmission, and support data SIM card

  • High quality imaging with 8MP @ 15fps resolution

  • Focus on human and vehicle targets classification based on learning

  • Built-in 64GB eMMC storage

  • Camera is IP67 rated 

  • Comes in two version. Single or double CCTV fitting

Our Gallery

  • Are solar street lights cost effective?
    There are no ongoing electrical costs for these solar products.
  • Do solar lights require maintenance?
    Due to our Solarwrap® our products require very little maintenance, we do offer the first year complimentary within our package, with a maintenance option available after the first year if required.
  • How efficient are solar street lights?
    Solar lighting is extremely efficient in providing light as and when required, and to the right brightness and colour temperature.
  • How long do the battery's last?
    The battery's last for 2000 full charge cycles, which means a period of approximately 7 years.
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