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Parks and Footpath Solar Lighting

Designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, our lights provide essential illumination that ensures safety and maintains the aesthetic integrity of outdoor spaces

Benefits of buying from Solar Vision


Enhanced battery capacity

Our solar-powered lighting solutions provide prolonged operational time and dependable performance, ensuring consistent lighting even during extended periods of low sunlight.


100% off-grid



Solar Vision's lighting systems provide independence from traditional power sources, making them ideal for remote locations and areas with unreliable grid access.


PV Solar Wrap® technology

Solar Vision's products enhance solar energy absorption and efficiency, improving the performance of each lighting unit and boosting overall energy output.


Fully programmable


Solar Vision's lighting solutions provide adjustable control over brightness levels, scheduling, and motion sensor sensitivity, offering customised lighting options for various applications and environments.

Why Opt For Solar Vision In Your Park?

Sustainability First

Our solar-powered lights harness the sun's energy, significantly reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental stewardship. By choosing Solar Vision, parks can demonstrate a commitment to ecological preservation while providing necessary lighting.

Make the transition to Solar Vision's solar lighting solutions for your recreational spaces to enjoy a number of benefits. Not only will you eliminate recurring electricity expenses, but our systems also boast low installation costs and minimal maintenance, resulting in substantial savings compared to traditional lighting methods.

Our robust and elegantly designed fixtures prioritise visitor safety by ensuring well lit-park pathways and common areas, fostering a secure and inviting atmosphere for evening activities. With our streamlined installation process, which seamlessly integrates self-contained solar lights into any park setting without disruptive construction or extensive wiring, you can effortlessly enhance safety, support environmental goals, and preserve the beauty of natural landscapes and footpaths. 

Invite park visitors to enjoy well-lit , accessible, and secure outdoor areas at any time with Solar Vision's reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable lighting solutions tailored to meet the needs of today's public spaces. 

Park and Footpath Applications

Our Gallery

  • Are solar street lights cost effective?
    There are no ongoing electrical costs for these solar products.
  • Do solar lights require maintenance?
    Due to our Solarwrap® our products require very little maintenance, we do offer the first year complimentary within our package, with a maintenance option available after the first year if required.
  • How efficient are solar street lights?
    Solar lighting is extremely efficient in providing light as and when required, and to the right brightness and colour temperature.
  • How long do the battery's last?
    The battery's last for 2000 full charge cycles, which means a period of approximately 7 years.
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