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Solar Vision Helia solar light post wallpaper


Solar Lighting Bollard

Designed for residential, leisure clubs, schools, footpaths and more

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1.3 m

LED Power

5 w

Battery Capacity

230 wh

Battery Autonomy

> 3 days

Motion Sensor



 > 25 Years


3 Years

Solar Vision Helia solar light post


Our unique HELIA Solar Bollard, designed to provide a subtle and much needed option to light areas where a street light would be overbearing. Especially ideal for access roads and footpaths to parks, golf clubs, county estates, car parks and cycle routes.

The HELIA Solar Bollard is equipped with advanced LED and photovoltaic technology. The vertical design of the solar module provides for very low maintenance, reducing the need for cleaning, which maximises yields at all times.

Once installed the unit immediately charges the battery and manages the lighting profile specific to the client's requirements.

With built-in dusk to dawn sensor and a motion sensor, we are able to provide a working solution for all seasons and reduce the light pollution during the night to protect habitats in the surrounding area.


The HELIA product is designed for multi purpose installations. It's design and superior technology allows it to be situated in both Commercial & Residential sites. 

The HELIA Solar Bollard is hot dip galvanised, with a jet black painted finish. 

The HELIA comes as flange plated.

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