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Blackpool Council - Hat-Trick

Paul Hodgson of Blackpool Council contacted Solar Vision Lighting Technologies (SVLT) after seeing what great lighting solutions we had delivered for other Council Skate Parks and open spaces, seeking our assistance in the design and supply of a solar lighting solution for three projects.
1. Stanley Skate Park
In 2022 Blackpool Council constructed one of the largest skate parks in the North West, they now wanted to provide lighting for it. With an application to Sports England using Solar Visions design and quotation, they managed to get funding for the lights.
2. Holgate Green
A well-trodden footpath through a large open space which needed lighting but had no power supply.
3. Norbeck Scout Hut
This is a busy location that is particularly dark at night with no borrowed light to speak of.
1. SVLT reviewed the park, and using Blackpool’s CAD drawings were able to provide them with a lighting design and report, which suggest the best approach for lighting the Skate Park.
2. With no CAD drawings available, SVLT were still able to provide a proposed design for this well walked footpath, suggesting what would be the best solution to give them the light they require.
3. Whilst this was for just one localized area, it did present its challenges due to the proximity to a residential house who had concerns on the light pollution this would through into their garden.
1. SVLT installed six 6m ASTRAL Columns around the skate park, which illuminated the skating area, which now allows skaters to practice their skills long into the evening, (well until 10pm) then the lights are programmed to go off.
2. For Holgate Green we installed five 6m ASTRAL columns, which provides illumination for the path, these lights are programmed to dim after 11pm and then operate off the motion sensor which brings the light back up when it detects movement.
3. One 6m ASTRAL column was the answer here providing the required illumination for this part of the footpath. However, in order to ensure that there was no light pollution into the neighbouring garden the light was installed so it through the light forward which meant it provided very little if any back light so the garden would not have any light issues.

CO₂ Savings
Over 25 years this project will have saved our atmosphere 13.8 tonnes of CO₂.
Organisation: Blackpool Council


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