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Gloucester City Council - Park End Road

Gloucester City Council contacted Solar Vision Lighting Technologies (SVLT) wanting a programmable off-grid solution to provided lighting for their Skate Park and play areas without too much light pollution.

SVLT visited the site and then provided Gloucester with a lighting design that would accommodate the areas that Gloucester wanted to light. We conducted a survey to ensure that there were no services in the areas that we wanted to install the lights, and provided Gloucester with a costing for the project. As there were residence to consider, we also had to ensure that the lights did not disturb them, so we had to focus the lights on the areas that needed lighting and not the areas around the park.

We were able to meet all of Gloucester’s requirements and installed 9 ASTRAL columns which light all the areas that were in need of lighting, and in addition we were able to programme that lights so that they would go off at 10 pm in line with the Councils and residence wishes.

CO₂ Savings
Over 25 years this project will have saved our atmosphere 10.35 tonnes of CO₂.


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