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VIVA Theatre - Soham

VIVA Theatre had concerns with regards to how dark the access road and car park were. They were keen to deliver some lighting but did not want to get involved with any infrastructure work that mains lighting would require, after a little research they found Solar Vision Lighting Technologies (SVLT). VIVA organised a site meeting with SVLT to discuss their needs, and it was over to us to provide a solution.

A proposed solution was presented to VIVA Theatre using the ASTRAL solar street lights, a lighting design showed how the private access and car park would be lit and a quotation was presented which fell in line with their budget. VIVA discussed the proposal with the Local Authority and once they were happy the Theatre instructed SVLT to proceed.

A GPR survey was carried out to ensure that there were no services or obstruction in the way, this found a gas pipe running through the car park, after discussions with the gas provider, they required an exclusion zone, our design was able to accommodate this so the installation proceeded with very little disturbance from the install.

VIVA Theatre now have the ASTRAL columns lighting the way to the Theatre and also a fully lit car park so theatre goers have a fully lit access way that leads them to the door of the theatre safe and sound.

CO Savings
Over 25 years this project will have saved our atmosphere 4.6 tonnes of CO₂.

"We are thrilled with the result which will improve the facilities for the theatre, especially during the evenings and providing a safer environment for the staff, volunteers and customers. The lights look fantastic and Solarvision Lighting Technologies were brilliantly efficient and positive throughout. It was a pleasure to work with David and his team, and the flexibility and 'can do' approach of everyone at Solarvision Lighting Technologies has been a hugely refreshing change".

- Daniel Schumann


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