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Nottingham City Council - Eastcroft Depot

Nottingham City Council are one of the leading Councils in their pursuit for Zero Carbon. As a result of this they have recently purchased a fleet of electric bin lorries. In order to facilitates these lorries they have had to build an EV charging hub at the Eastcroft Depot. Their issue for them was how they could light the yard and also be able to programme the lights to come on from 4am to dawn only.

SolarVison Lighting Technologies were contacted by Nottingham City Council to see if we were prepared to trial our column at their depot. SVLT were more than happy to offer Nottingham a trial, so we installed the ASTRAL column and after a period of 3 months the Council liked what they saw and so put in an order for our ASTRAL columns for the depot.
These columns have now been installed with our versatile flange plate which allowed the columns to be bolted to the concrete bases that they had. In addition to this we have programmed them to come on in line with their requirements.

Operatives can now do their preparation work in the depot before they go out on the road.


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