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Advent Bioservices - Sawston

Advent Bioservices were moving to a temporary car park and needed it to be lit so their staff could safely leave the building and walk over to the car park safely in the evenings.
Mark Neville their Head of Facilities contacted Solar Vision looking for a renewable lighting solution.

Solar Vision inspected the site and provided a lighting design to demonstrate that three columns would provide the lighting required, and as this was a temporary car park, suggested that the Krinner screw be the method to install so the columns could be easily relocated when required.

Solar Vision after being instructed to proceed, installed three of our 6m Astral columns, all within a day so the lights were up and running that very evening.

CO₂ Savings
Over 25 years this project will have saved our atmosphere 3.45 tonnes of CO₂.

Organisation: Advent Bioservices 


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