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Off grid quality solar   products that actually work

From design to fully operational external  lighting

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Founded in 2015, Solar Vision have become the UK's leading company for providing reliable green energy solutions for external solar street lighting and CCTV. Our product range offers the highest quality of street lighting and CCTV solutions designed for main roads, residential developments, industrial parks, leisure clubs, schools, shopping centres and many more.


The UK's leading ONE STOP SOLUTION for Solar Street Lighting & CCTV products

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Free Lighting Design

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Purchase, Rent or Lease

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Site Inspection & GPR Survey

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Lighting the UK with 

Solar Vision, specialise in off grid street lighting & cctv, utilising the latest and highly efficient patented, Solar Wrap® photovoltaic technology with LED illuminants, operated by a programmable micro-controller to optimise light distribution. 

Our solar powered off grid LED lighting columns offer a competitive alternative to conventional lighting systems.

  • Designed for streets, car parks, pathways, pedestrian areas, cycle paths and more

  • Vertical solar wrap = low maintenance/cleaning

  • All products come with motion sensors

  • All columns are designed to BSEN 40 with a life of >25 years

  • All lighting columns are designed in accordance with BSEN 5489 and BSEN 13201  British standards

Our  Product Range

HYBRID options available

Solar Vision Astral Solar Lighting Column


Solar Street Light

  • Cylindrical Lighting Column

  • Powered by 100% solar energy

  • Latest generation of LED optics

  • 5-10 metre columns

Solar Vision Lunar Solar CCTV Column


Solar CCTV Column

  • Cylindrical CCTV Column

  • 4G connections for mobile access

  • Latest gen Hikvision cameras

  • 5-10 metre columns

Solar Vision Helia Solar Bollard


Solar Path Light

  • Solar Lighting post

  • Built in motion sensor

  • Ideal for footpaths, driveways etc

  • 1.3 metre height

Solar Vision solar street light installation slough
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Protection and Benefits

Solar Vision zero emissions

Over a course of 25 years, a regular street light would emit approximately 1.15 tonnes. Our columns require no national grid connection.

Solar Vision no cabling

Our columns require NO ground caballing. Which means NO trench digging. They are all synced remotely. Once installed they are 100% sustainable.

Solar Vision reliable in all weather

The vertical orientation of our SOLAR WRAP®  ensures optimal energy yields even during the lower sun positions of winter months.

The unrivalled aesthetics, economic efficiency and eco-friendliness are setting new standards and offer a maximum of economic and ecological benefit. Solar lighting and CCTV columns are the future.

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The Future's Bright, The Future's Light

Lighting Technologies

Solar Vision optics

Highly luminous. Easy to maintain, replaceable high-efficiency LEDs with optic lenses, a remarkable power output and an optimized light distribution provide an extraordinary high illuminance and reduce unwanted light pollution.